“How is it that you are constantly on the receiving end of the worst humanity has to offer?” —Jesse Collins

“It’s like the crazies are attracted to your gravitational field.” —Rick Hansen

“Sometimes I want to crank call you and just be absolutely crazy, but I know I can’t make anything up that’s crazier than what people already say.” —Danielle Knight

“More support for my goal of finding another planet to live.” —Scott Swan

“So, I have this Dodge, and I know you work for a Chevy dealer, but can you fix my piano?” —Mark Bruhn

“If I were to give the book a letter grade? It’d be pants. If I’m grading on a 100 point scale? It’s clearly a B+. Ultimately it’s everything I’ve never asked for, which is perfectly suitable given that shortly after reading this… my car don’t work.” –Marc Alan Fishman

“Anyone who works in Customer Service will find themselves crying with laughter. We’ve met all of Josh’s customers at our desk, cash register, or over the phone. Just think how boring the job would be if we didn’t have these stories to share with our co-workers! There’s a whole community of people out here who appreciate what you do, Josh.” —Kate